• placemats & coasters
    Placemats & Coasters
    from £6 each
  • large magnetic notice boards
    Large Magnetic Notice Boards
    from £85 (free delivery)
  • net loft dry wipe magnetic weekly planner
    Dry Wipe Magnetic Boards
    from £75
  • sunburst machine washable doormat
    Machine Washable Doormats


Welcome to Beyond the Fridge, a unique collection by British designer Amanda McIvor. Our mantra is ‘different by design’ as we aim to go beyond the usual, to create beautiful and distinctive things for the home. As most of our products are made by us at our Somerset workshop we can guarantee great quality and attention to detail.
We're constantly developing new designs and adding to the collection, so If you would like to be informed about what's going on 'Beyond the Fridge' please join us on Facebook, Twitter or sign up to our newsletter and we'll let you know about new products, designs, offers and competitions.  And if you happen to be in the West Country, pop into our shop at 6 Catherine Hill, Frome, Somerset. We would love to meet you.

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Available in 3 colours
Available in 6 colours
Available in 8 colours/designs
Millefiori - Coaster
From £6.00
Two Evil Cats - Pumpkin Carving from Beyond the Fridge

Two Evil Cats - Pumpkin Carving from Beyond the Fridge

I know it's a really messy business but I can't resist a bit of pumpkin carving. As Freya has always said from a very early age "you have to make a mess to make a masterpiece". I'm not sure that we have created masterpieces here but it was a lot of fun and that's what matters. 

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Let There Be Light (Boxes)!

Let There Be Light (Boxes)!

To celebrate the launch of our new range of light boxes, we're running an exciting competition over on our Facebook page. One lucky winner will receive a light box to brighten up their home. 

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New Products: Placemats and Coasters

New Products: Placemats and Coasters

After months, perhaps even years, of experimentation and development we have finally perfected our new range of placemats and coasters! Being the perfectionists we are, we’ve taken the time to make sure our placemats and coasters are made to the highest possible quality.

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