Frome Independent Market - June

On the first Sunday of every month from March to December Frome town hosts an incredible market called the Frome Independent Their strap-line is 'More than a Market' and if you've ever visited you will know how true this is. The whole town is buzzing with all kinds of stalls from the flea market, to the artisan foods to the suitcase crafts sellers here on Catherine Hill.
 I've chosen three lovely regular suitcase sellers to give you just a little taster but you'll have to come to the next market (Sunday 5th of July) to experience it for yourself.
 The first has to be Angela Lai Yen of Little Studio Red. Angela is a Printmaker and Textile Artist who makes beautiful limited edition prints and is pretty nifty with a sewing machine too. In fact Angela somehow finds the time to teach sewing workshops at Millie Moon Haberdashery Boutique here on the hill.


Little Red Studio


Angela Lai Yen Bird Print

Angela Lai Yen

Angela Lai Yen handmade toys

Anna Casserley can often be seen at the Frome Independent Market. You can't miss her as she is to be found standing in a pile of locally sourced green timber chippings. This is because Anna demonstrates her amazing skill at carving spoons. If you buy one of 'Anna's Beautiful Hand Carved Spoons' (whichever size you go for), you know you're purchasing something unique and made with passion.

Anna Casserley hand crafted spoons

Anna Casserley hand carved spoons

Anna Casserley

Hand carved wooden spoons

Another unique business is the lady who regularly sets up her stall (vintage pram actually) near our shop on Catherine Hill on a market day. The company name is Hej Gro and on closer inspection you will find all kinds of delights, such as Dandelion Root Chutney and Hip and Hawe Jelly.

Hej Gro

Dandylion Root Chutney

Wild Garlic Pesto


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