Beyond the Fridge Shop in Frome

People have often asked us where they can see 'Beyond the Fridge' products, especially our large Magnetic Boards so it made sense to have a little showroom of our own, so here we are at Number 6, Catherine Hill, Frome, Somerset.

Our Shop on Catherine Hill, Frome


We discovered Catherine Hill and all it's delights last Christmas, little knowing that in under six months we would be on the hill ourselves. We're in good company as Frome has more than the average amount of amazing independent shops for a fairly small town. The other shopkeepers in St Catherine's (click the link to see a full list of shops) have made us feel very welcome and although we've only been open a couple of months we feel really at home already.
If you're planning a visit, you might like to come along to the Supermarket which takes place on the first Sunday of every month from March to December, making sure that you don't miss the Artisan suitcase market on Catherine Hill. And don't forget to pop in and see us at number 6.
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Frome Super Market Takes place on the first Sunday of every month from March to December
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