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I bought a lovely, quirky plate many years ago and have only just decided to find out more about it. My plate features a strange little bird (I have a 'thing' for strange birds!) which turns out to have been hand painted by the talented Inger Waage.

Inger Waage was born in Stavanger on the West coast of Norway in 1923. She was accepted at The Norwegian College of Applied Arts in Oslo (now the Oslo National Academy of the arts) in 1943, graduating in 1946. She then moved back to Stavanger to set up her own ceramics workshop.

Inger Waage became the first leader of a new established department for handicraft products at Stavangerflint AS in 1953. Her idiosyncratic style became so popular that by 1955 the company established an I.W department and employed up to ten assistant artist to cope with the workload.

What I love about her work is the free, confident brush strokes that give each piece such energy. I was lucky enough to discover my plate (see last image) at a car boot sale and paid very little for it. I will be keeping my eyes peeled in the future to find it a friend!

Inger Waage 1950's


Vases designed by Inger Waage 1950's

Bird plate design by Inger Waage 1950's

Plate design by Inger Waage 1950's

My bird plate.

Bird plate design by Inger Waage 1950's

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