Gemma Taccongna | In Praise of Papier Mâché

Ever since I made the ubiquitous Papier Mâché Pig with a balloon as the base at junior school, I have loved Papier Mâché as a medium. I even won a handicrafts prize for my efforts. Alas, I have a long way to go before I can create such gorgeous work as Gemma Taccongna (1923-2007). She was a gifted artist who became well known in the 1960's for her iconic doll's heads such as these below. She managed to make her pieces look just like porcelain and they are so beautifully decorated. They are highly sought after now and collected by all kinds of people - but not by me yet (sadly!).

Doll Heads by Gemma Taccongna


Here is a Papier Mâché Mask that I made a couple of years ago and now hangs in my studio (needless to say I don't wear it out much). I had great fun decorating it with all sorts of things including pistachio shells. Don't ask me why - It's just the kind of thing I like to do!
A great site for more information including  Papier Mâché artists and tutorials is
Papier Mache Mask


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