Down on the Allotment - February

Here is my allotment looking a little bit sorry for itself as it's early Feb. I felt I must start digging it over before the weather warms up. If I don't have it completely dug over by the end of February (have I ever?!) then the weeds start to move in - big time! My weeds tend to be the all singing, all dancing type something akin to the giant man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors.

It was good to see that the rhubarb is making an appearance and I dug a bumper crop of Jerusalem Artichokes. I will probably make soup with the artichokes, they have such a delicate yet distinctive flavour and are so easy to grow, in fact they can take over if you're not careful. I may even make this Roast jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut and goat's cheese salad I found on the River Cottage web site, it looks delicious! Note my friend the robin posing on the fork handle 'Secret Garden' style.


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