Here comes the sun

At last the weather seems to be changing for the better and the sun is shining here on Catherine Hill. I can hear from the chatter as people wander up and down the hill that everyone is feeling more cheerful now that the sun has decided to make an appearance. That's not surprising but I confess that I have a bit of an obsession with the sun. I think it may have something to do with my love of mid century art and design as the sun is often a recurring theme.

This theme is also very evident in my own sketchbooks and the Greek Sun God Helios crops up regularly. In fact all sketches that had been taking over my sketchbook finally resulted in a rather large oil painting entitled 'Helios' garden'. And the sun is also evident in the design of some of our products at Beyond the fridge including 'Lucky Jar - Suns' which is a large magnetic notice board and 'Sun Bird' which is a giclée print and will be available on our site soon.

Typically it has just started to rain here in Frome so I'll sign off before I get the blame!


Lucky Jar Suns - large magnetic notice board

Sun Bird Giclee Print by Amanda McIvor

Helios' Garden - Oil on canvas by Amanda McIvor

from the top: 'Lucky Jar - Suns' Large Magnetic notice Board, 'Sun Bird - Open Edition Giclée Print and 'Helios' Garden' Oil on Canvas.

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