Deck your door with wreaths of Holly

We decided to take advantage of a lovely mild Sunday to do a little mother and daughter project in the garden. So we foraged around and took some cuttings. The holly has an abundance of berries this year which apparently means we're in for a hard winter but I've been disappointed before so I'll try not to get over excited about the prospect of snow!

We were delighted that our efforts resulted in a really pretty (and inexpensive) wreath. You can read more about how we made it here on Freya's blog. One thing that I would add is that I might use something a bit more sturdy as the base for the wreath next time such as willow or vine. The Ivy stretched a bit into an oval shape but we were happy with the rustic, handmade look.

Finally one more word of advice - wear gloves, holly is a prickly customer!

materials for making a holly wreath

Materials gathered for making our wreath

ivy wreath formed on upturned bucket

Forming the base for the wreath using Ivy

Gideon our cat in the garden

Gideon oversees proceedings!

holly wreath

Our finished wreath

close up of homemade holly wreath




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