Homemade Christmas Crackers

Christmas for me is all about the little handmade details. I've inherited this from my mother who was the best ever at wrapping presents and making all sorts of festive goodies. I'm not sure that I've reached her standard but I always like to have a go!

I don't know about you but I think a lot of Christmas Crackers are all about top show. they often look gorgeous on the table but are a big disappointment when you pull them. I'm not expecting diamonds but would like something more imaginative than a plastic golf tee. So this year I decided to make my own. It is a bit of a fiddly business as all the cutting out takes a while but I only had five to make for so it wasn't too time consuming.

I found a great tutorial here which explains everything in easy steps and has a template to print out.

I know I'm posting a little bit late for buying materials and making for this Christmas but it's something you might like to bookmark or pin for next year! If you like crafty Christmases I would definitely recommend making your own crackers as you end up with something much more personal (you can even theme your jokes or quotes). 


materials for making Christmas crackers

Even though I say so myself, I think the resulting crackers are quite impressive! Have a lovely Christmas everyone x

Two homemade christmas crackers

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