Veggie Plot Project

We headed West four years ago and consequently had to pack up and leave our allotment at Royal Paddocks in Hampton Wick. I really loved that allotment and all the trials and tribulations that came with it. If you look back at some of my previous posts you will see what I mean. It had been unused for several years although people had been parking on it which meant the ground was rock hard. With the (sometimes reluctant it has to be said!) help from my better half, it did actually resemble a proper allotment by the time we left. I do love a challenge though and we did joke about our time here as being 'extreme gardening'.

I have missed having a veggie garden to tend and nurture so I'm really excited about stepping up to the next extreme gardening challenge. Below are some photos of the end of our garden that's looking rather sorry for itself and crying out for a veggie plot makeover.

There's something therapeutic about sowing seeds and seeing them grow and thrive and even if you are feeding the local birds, rabbits, snails and deer at the end of the day hopefully you'll be left with something to consume yourselves!

Follow me on my journey to transform this scruffy piece of land into the colourful plan at the bottom of this post. I'll let you know how I'm getting on month by month. If you have any words of wisdom please share them in the comments section below. All tips and advice will be gratefully received.


main vegetable bed

Above: The main vegetable bed facing East.


side view of main vegetable garden bed

 Above: The main vegetable bed facing North.


 Above: View from the bottom of the garden.


Above: The proposed plan view looking East from the house.





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