New Design Collection - Shards

I love creating new repeat patterns and our latest 'Shards' design has been a lot fun to piece together. It's original inspiration comes from my love of mosaics teamed with a desire to design something stylish and geometric that could be adapted for various products across our range. 

It's actually based around a hexagon which you can probably make out (don't stare to closely it'll make your eyes go funny!). The fun part was choosing the colours. I'm the sort of person that has to buy about thirty match pots of paint when trying to find the right white, so it took me a long time to finalise the colour themes. You might think that the colour names are a bit random but that's just what they look like to me. The colours are 'Concrete and Yellow', Cotton Candy', 'Ocean' and 'Summer'.

We've made several products with the 'Shards' design, including magnetic notice boards, kitchen splash backs, placemats, coasters and a new retro styled side table.

I hope you like this new collection. Would love to here your thoughts so please leave a comment below.

Amanda x

shards design magnetic notice board - ocean


shards design placemat - oceanShards placemat and coaster - concret and yellow

Shards placemat and coaster - cotton candyShards placemat and coaster - summer

shard design side tables



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