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#5 tips to make your workspace work for you

Your workspace needs to be comfortable, organised and inspirational. You can make it your happy place whether you're working from home or an office, studio or workshop. We all need an environment in which we feel relaxed and where we can let our creativity flow.

#1 Add a motivational quote to your workspace on one of our large magnetic notice boards. You can choose one of our favourite quotes here or create your own (see tip #5 below).

#2 Use one of our plain boards or choose from our dry wipe collection to write messages, lists and schedules. Use a special whiteboard marker that can easily be erased with a dry cloth. All our boards have a super glossy dry wipe surface. we've designed some with a plain area for you to write or draw on. Take a look at our Dry Wipe Collection here.

#3 A colourful magnetic board can cheer up a neutral room and make it a much happier working environment. We've got lots of colourful designs and colour ways to choose from and each design comes in two sizes, 100cm x 75cm or 75cm x 55cm. And of course many of the patterns can be hung either landscape or portrait. Our obsession with offering several colour options mean that you'll be sure to find something that will look great in your workspace.

#4 A World Map is a great image to use in your office, studio or workshop. You can plan your business trips or holidays. If you have a collection of fridge magnets from your travels then this is the ideal place to display them. Or you can use it to help your children with their geography lessons.

#5 Creating your own magnetic wall art panel will transform your home office or studio and make it uniquely yours. We've made magnetic boards featuring pets, family photos, favourite places, still life photography, children's artwork and flat-lays. You can also choose from hundreds of beautiful photographs from websites such as Unsplash. Make sure you choose a high resolution photo, see our guidelines on how to choose the right image.

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