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#7 tips to add wow factor to children's rooms with a magnetic board

Our magnetic boards aren't just useful for setting your fridge free in the kitchen, they're also a brilliant addition to kids' and teen rooms. Here's a few reasons why one of our magnetic wall art panels is such a good choice when looking for children's room decor inspiration.

#1 Our boards are magnetic

#2 You can write on them

#3 We've got 100s of designs

#4 They're sustainable

#5 They look fantastic

#6 Your kids can become super organised

#7 You can even design your own

#1 First of all they're magnetic. That's because they're all made from high quality, uber glossy (just like enamel) steel. This means any fridge magnet will stick to them, so your child can now have somewhere to put all those magnets they've collected or take a look at our extensive range of fun, collectable magnets. This makes them perfect for displaying photos, artwork, lists, party invitations and (it has to be said) homework timetables.

#2 Yes you can write on our boards too as they have a special dry wipe surface. Make sure you use a whiteboard marker (available from all good stationers), so you can leave messages for your teenager if you can't make yourself heard!

#3 We've got loads of amazing designs and photographic boards to choose from. There's plain boards, patterned boards, flags, snakes and ladders the list goes on, see below for just a few ideas.

#4 Our boards will last a very long time as they're made from high quality steel which makes them very hard wearing. The print is impregnated into the metal making them scratch resistant.

#5 Because our boards have such a high gloss finish and look like enamel signs, a lot of our customers buy them as affordable wall art as they don't want to cover them up.

#6 You can help your children organise their lives. Our boards come in two sizes, 75cm x 55cm and 75cm x 100cm, so lots of space for all the important information like party invitations and after school club events.

#7 Last but not least, you can even make your own magnetic board design by sending us a high resolution jpg. This could be a favourite photo. We've made lots of lovely boards with photos of children with their pets or on a beautiful beach. Or, you could use a child's painting or drawing, the possibilities are endless.

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