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Happy, colourful and super organised New Year

We hope you've had a wonderful start to the New Year. If you've made your mind up to be more organised in 2020 we've got a few ideas to help you.

Declutter your fridge

Is your fridge covered in a forest of lists, photo's, recipes and invitations that all happened in the last decade? Do your fridge (and yourself) a favour and declutter now. Our Magnetic Notice Boards are a brilliant solution they're big, beautiful, glossy and you can write on them with a dry wipe marker. We have a large collection of magnets but any fridge magnet will work as our boards are made from high quality steel. We can hear your fridge breathing a sigh of relief already!

Use your board to Inspire and Motivate

We can all do with little inspiration and motivation especially when beginning a whole new decade whether it's in the home for you and your family or in the workspace to encourage creative thinking among your colleagues. You can choose one of our magnetic boards with quotes to inspire or create your own using a favourite quote, poem or saying. Or you can simply attach a quote of the day using paper and magnets or write it on with a dry wipe pen. And, of course you could always put a copy of your New Year's resolutions on your board to help you keep them all year round!

Get Organised

Do you write lists in notepads and then forget to look at them or stuff them in a drawer never to be seen again? Well, we used to do that too. Now, we write all our objectives for the month or week and put it on our magnetic board. That way nothing gets forgotten and seeing all those tasks crossed off makes it feel like you're actually getting somewhere. You can also attach, shopping lists, meal planners, diet sheets, homework timetables and star charts.

And last but not least - have fun