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Say Hello to Yellow - Zest up Your Home or Workspace with a Magnetic Board ๐Ÿ’›

Updated: Apr 17

As we may have mentioned, we love a pop of colour here at Beyond the Fridge, so we've picked out some of our favourite yellow magnetic boards that are guaranteed to cheer up any space.

Let the sunshine in with this beautiful sunflower magnetic board. It makes us think of Tuscan landscapes and fields of sunflowers turning their heads towards the sun (which is something we like to do ourselves!). This board will add some joy to a kitchen, study or hobby room.

Plain and simple but never boring, this yellow magnetic notice board has a dry wipe surface. In fact, all of out boards do, so they're useful for jotting down messages, lists and brainstorming ideas. And, of course you can still attach things like photographs, artwork and postcards using fridge magnets.

And here are some more designs with a yellow theme. We've been looking through our collections to find some magnetic boards with yellow as the dominant colour, and we found quite a few - from classic polka dots to crispy autumn leaves.

Take a look at these magnetic boards for some interiors inspiration. When it comes to adding a splash of colour to your home, a magnetic board works in any room - whether it's juicy oranges and lemons in the kitchen, sophisticated shards for the office or a cartoon bubble in the playroom.

From top left: Shards - Summer, Polka Dots, Oranges and Lemons, Gingham Cockerel, Daisy the Cow, Cupcake Plant, Bright Idea of the Day, Dinosaur and Autumn Tree.

We have lots of fun fridge magnet designs to add to your yellow theme. See below for just a few. All our magnets are made from birch plywood which gives them a Scandi feel, and they make lovely little gifts too.

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