Large Magnetic Notice Boards

Magnetic-Board-videoWhen it comes to designing the ultimate a kitchen makeover, Britain's favourite TV designers just love using our Magnetic Notice Boards!  Watch Video

Our large format magnetic notice boards have a high glossy, durable surface just like those old enamel advertisement signs we all love. So if you're looking for something entirely original to liven up your kitchen, home office, playroom or potting shed then look no further.

Beyond the Fridge has become well known for big beautiful magnetic notice boards. We realised that many people have integral fridges these days with nowhere to stick all their funky fridge magnets. So we decided to design our own range of large magnetic boards to add a splash of colour to otherwise quite neutral kitchens. We now have lots of designs for you to choose from and what's more is that we make them ourselves here in sunny Somerset.

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28 results

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